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Learn To Fly 3 Free Download

Overview: Learn To Fly 3 Free Download

This penguin loves to fly and has learned it for a long time, but in this game, he has a serious job and needs to go to the moon.

In this game, you need to shoot penguins, buy upgrades and earn money to run high until you reach the goal. Launch the penguins with your mouse.

In Learn to Fly 3, you need to create, customize and upgrade your spacecraft to reach space in an arcade environment. Each play brings new parts to tweak and swap for new and exciting tricks.

A story mode where you have to earn money, upgrade your ship and go to space. Beat the time challenges or go at your own pace.

learn to fly 3 screen shot

Payload mode. We need to build a stronger ship that can pull heavy payloads into space at the same time. Sailing ships may be able to enter space in story mode, but they need more energy to get their payload off the ground!

Classic mode reminds us of learning to fly in previous games. The goal is to fly as horizontally as possible. You need to change the way you use the parts and come up with new strategies to support distance rather than height.

Finally, the sandbox allows you to manipulate many of the game’s constants and physicals. Unlimited fuel, 100x gravity, super-powerful thrusters, air obstacles… you can do whatever you want!

Flash games are the number one form of indie game development in gaming history, and there are many unique online games that you won’t find anywhere else.

Many of these games can be considered one of the first iterations of the incremental game, and you can make steady progress by buying upgrades – learn to fly. Its latest version has been released on Steam called Learn to Fly 3.

Flying is a fairly new invention, considering the fact that even less than two centuries ago, people in most cases were still riding horses.

Moreover, the development of flying vehicles has been staggering, with decades going from basic gliders to lunar landing rockets. This field is still developing at a fairly rapid pace, especially in the field of rockets and space technology.

Key features

  • Build crazy spaceships from a combination of over 100 unique parts, each with their own distinct flavor and mechanics
  • Halfway between realistic physics and a simpler arcade feel for an easy to learn yet deep experience
  • Pick from 24 stages, 18 launchers, 24 boosts and 23 bodies, and each can be upgraded multiple times
  • Research upgrades that affect all sorts of different aspects of the game and carry through play sessions
  • Over 80 in-game achievements, each with their unique rewards
  • Customizable HUD with all sorts of relevant information


  • OS: Windows
  • Processor: 2 GHz processor
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Integrated GPU
  • Storage: 50 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: Vector graphics-based, CPU intensive

Download Here:

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How to install Download game

Flash games do not require installation. They are stored in a single file in a convenient directory on your computer.

How to start the game

If the correct settings of your computer flash game are started by double-clicking the downloaded file. If it does not, contact your computer support.

An alternative way to run downloaded games – drag a saved game file in a web browser such as Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer.

Why is the game does not work

If you downloaded a game that is not working on your computer: – Make sure that the game is completely downloaded (check the size of the file); – Perhaps the game requires an Internet connection; – You have not installed Flash player (contact support).

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