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Rocket League Tracker Today, the in-game blockchain token for the e-sports market announced that it will become the loyalty token of Rocket League Tracker. Rocket League Tracker pro provides real-time tracking of Rocket League rankings for Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox. RLTracker.pro plans to complete its integration with eBoost in early 2017, which coincides with the release of its website update and redesign.

Daniel Summer, CEO of Rocket League Tracker, said: “With the development of Rocket League Tracker, we need a more secure and decentralized loyalty token solution to provide our users with the best experience and add real value to them. “After studying our options, we found that eBoost will provide powerful technology and versatility as an ideal replacement for our tracking points.”

eBoost aims to serve the evolving e-sports industry, allowing competitive players to place bets on their individual matches in games based on competitive skills. eBoost can be used in applications around the world, including legal e-sports betting. eBoost recently raised more than 200 bitcoins (approximately $147,000) and began trading on the Bittrex exchange.

Are you a fan of the famous Rocket League game for free in September 2020? Do you want to find a way to track your statistics, the statistics of your competitors and teammates, or to see your status among other Rocket League players? Tracker is a good solution.

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Rocket League Tracker

What is Rocket League Tracker?

Rocket League Tracker (Learn about Rocket League Tracker) is a tool that allows you to track the evolution of statistics and opponent data. Therefore, its main interest is to measure your abilities as a player, but also to measure the abilities of others.

Please note that depending on the tracker you use, some comparative statistics will vary from site to site. In fact, the Rockets League Tracker will only track the evolution of players seeking statistics. Therefore, if the user base of one site is larger than that of another site, the statistical data will be more representative.

What is the best Rocket League Tracker site?

We have distinguished two main sites so that you can track Rocket League statistics.

Rocket League Tracking Network

The Rocket League Tracker Network site is feature-rich. It’s free, but the $3 per month option allows you to skip ads. But please note that unfortunately, it is only available in English, so you must choose to right-click and use Google Translate to view the results in different languages.

In different parts of the website, we found:

Search for information

In the upper left corner, you will find a search section where you can search for your Rocket League statistics or competitor statistics. In these statistics, you will find all the most important performance, rankings and statistics of the most recent games.


Rocket League Tracker
Rocket League Tracker

The “Leaderboard” section is divided into two tabs, “Overall” and “Skill Rating”. Each filter on the right allows you to refine the leaderboard by continent, country, region, and even city.

In the “Total Score” tab, you can also match according to the game mode (single ranking, doubles ranking, standard ranking 3v3) or performance (wins, goals, MVP, saves, assists, shots, scoring rate). The results are refined. You can also sort by game platform (Epic Games, Steam, Xbox, or Playstation).

In the “Skill Level” tab, you can view the leaderboard based on the number of points and the number of matches.

Real-time tracker

The Live Tracker section allows you to track your statistics and progress while playing the game and compare them with other players (if you add them).


The distribution category allows you to measure yourself based on the population and see which part of the Rocket League player population your statistics belong to.

The distribution section allows you to see how well your skills stand out (or not stand out) in the crowd. For each level, you can view the estimated value of the percentage of players with the same level. This is a good way to assess whether you are in the top 10% or average.

Please note, however, that this feature has its limitations, as it only tracks statistics for Rocket League players that have been viewed on this website. Knowing that the most capable players are usually those who are most interested in using RL trackers to check their statistics, it is certain that this distribution is more representative of the competitive scene than the general group of Rocket League players.

Rocket League Tracker Pro

RL Tracker Pro is another Rocket League tracker, it seems to have the same functions as its competitors, but there is also a market.

Introduction Overview

To learn more about Rocket League statistics or opponent statistics, enter your Steam ID, PSN, or Xbox player code in the search bar.

Rank level

The “Rating Level” section compares the level with the score according to different divisions and game modes. To us, it doesn’t seem as intuitive as the “leaderboard” part of the aforementioned Rocket League tracker. However, we are not fans of RL games, so you must know this better than us.

Real-time tracking

Similar to the Rocket League Tracker network, you will also find a Live Tracker on this site where you can track your progress, as well as your friends and opponents.

Goods trade

One of the innovative elements of RL Tracker Pro is the “Item Transaction” section, where you can trade or purchase items with Rocket League points.


Finally, the site also has a Discord with 22,155 members who planned gifts on the site.

In fact, all it does is tell you how many games you have played. The higher the score, the longer the game.

Rank Player TRN Score
1 Ahmad hassan 98,745,230.0
2 JAWAD HUSSAIN 97,292,582.3
3 MUSHAHIDA 96,288,329.5

We partnered with Rocket pc games to celebrate Rocket League’s new career course! vision is to help you improve your game through the best on-demand professional guides and exclusive professional guides for Rocket League and other games. In addition, when you register for in the TRN rewards section in the upper right corner, we will receive a large limited time discount.

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We are very happy to hear your comments! The staff of Tracker Network are already working on the following features and improvements, and can’t wait to see what you think.

I am here to answer any questions you may have. Thanks!

  1. download. For Windows PC users, the download is safe and free.
  2. Install. A short installation will enable Rocket League Tracker on your device.
  3. Play a game. Rocket League Tracker will automatically launch and detect your in-game account when you play the game.

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