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Shark Attack Free Download For PC

Overview: Shark Attack Free Download For PC

Shark Attack is a classic 2D deep sea adventure game. With great gameplay, funny characters and epic battles with other enemies, it is no wonder that this legend has quickly become a favorite of many.

This well-made toy looks just like the real thing when brave young Kenny embarks on an underwater journey in search of family traces.

This Fate Crystal Crown Relic brought his grandfather good luck until he was stolen by a pirate and he became pacified. Today, these breeds are spread to different parts of the world. Your job is to help Kenny find all peace and recover the family’s remains.

After starting the game, players will immerse themselves in amazing underwater places against the background of exotic marine plants, coral reefs and ancient city ruins. These vibrant, cartoon-like visual effects accompany you through 60 levels of the game in three different worlds.

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Shark Attack is an online arcade game for Windows that is an action and adventure game. Unlike other arcade games, this game does not contain shooting or fighting games. You can just shoot the enemies and use your mouse to move on the screen.

In the first levels of the game there is talk of a shark attacking the ship of a lone survivor. You will have to fight with all available weapons in order to increase the chance of your escape.

Players can tilt the keyboard to control the ship and fire multiple shots from the buttons on the keyboard. Players can also choose to climb over the shark and attack directly or jump to the shark. With the latter method, the player can move left and right or vertically over the shark.

In shark attack games no weapon is available other than bats which are used to climb and destroy the enemies. Bats are very useful because they give you more time to shoot the sharks when you climb up for food.

Along the way, you will need to collect many coins, gold, diamonds and relics. Download this free full version game now and start your adventure!

Shark Attack is a fun 2D platform game for you to play as a brave diver searching for the treasures of the sea.

Scores vary depending on how long it takes to pass a level, but changing levels is not difficult. Therefore, you need to get more points quickly and discover new sea caves.

In each level, you need to complete some special tasks: search for some lost treasure. These treasures are indicated by arrows and can be obtained by simply following the arrows instructions.

As you can imagine, instead of fighting alone in the ocean, you have to overcome many obstacles and enemies. The underwater world of shark attacks is full of balloon fish, octopuses, squid… They try to stop and kill you, but you can use some of them to navigate underwater in a better way.You can too.

Uh! Remember that you can dive. Pay attention to the oxygen in the oxygen tank. We know what happens to divers when they run out of oxygen.

Shark Attack Feature

  • To get into the next level, collect 4 different artifacts.
  • Avoid the enemy creatures, jump on the little monsters and throw them away.
  • Blow up mines and remove obstacles along the way.
  • Vibrant, cartoon-like visual effects. It offers more than 60 game levels in 3 different worlds.
  • Shark Attack is a free full version game that you can download and play.

System Requirements

  • File Size: 11 Mb
  • Operating System: Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Game removal through the Windows Control Panel

How to download and install

After you get the 11 MB (SharkAttack.exe) installation file double click on .exe file.

Download Here:

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