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Tekken 5 Game Free Download

About:Tekken 5 Game Free Download

Tekken 5 Game Free Download is an action game released by Namco on June 24, 2004, for PS2 and Arcade in 2005.

Tekken 4 Gaming PC is the fifth regular installment and sixth primary installment of the popular Tekken series, which is celebrating the series’ 10th anniversary.

Tekken Tag Toma Game Download is a Single and Multiplayer Fighting video game.

The game download for Tekken 5 has been optimized to Tekken 5.1, further changing the gameplay balance.

Also, after the Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection update which was released for arcades in 2005, PS Portable Traffic got the name Tekken: Dark Resurrection.

Of course, you can download more games from Land Grabbers Free Download Download is the best search game for Windows 10.

Like Car Mechanic Simulator and City car Driving before that! In addition to the chance of mischief, Cooking Simulator provides players with many opportunities to manipulate items and tools.

There are a few changes to the main action modes and characters in this game. A new crash system will appear in Tekken 3 PC download game.

This ultimately affects the consciousness of the character.

Everyone has never played Tekken 5.1, the most demanding and fun childhood game. But with technology changing, everyone prefers to play fighting games on mobile instead of PC.

Tekken 5 APK is a mobile version of the Tekken 5 Android game that you have been playing on your PC. Everyone has loved this best fighting game since childhood, as there are many children’s favorite characters.

Tekken 5 Screen shot

So if you don’t have time to play this great game again on your PC, this is good news because the developers have already developed a mobile version of this game.

You can also find all the game features in the mobile version that you can find in the PC version. Stunning graphics, amazing combat action, and more fun are waiting for you.

Namco has developed the sixth version of the main game “Tekken”. It was originally released for the PlayStation 3 but is now available on PC as well. Released on June 24, 2004. Enter the Sea of ​​Games

Tekken 5.1 is an arcade game developed in 2004 under the direction of Namco. Namco Gaming Studio owns all rights to this game.

Meanwhile, Tekken 5 is published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. For example, AK Tronic Software and Services GmbH distributes games to three other computer game companies. You can easily download Tekken 5 APK from the given link.

Tekken 5 is an addictive Android fighting game developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment. BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment has released many Tekken games. This group is responsible for providing all official Tekken games.

After Tekken 4, Tekken 5 2018 is the sixth main base in the Tekken series. Soon after its release, the entire Tekken series became widely known. That’s why organizations develop new formats every two to three years.

This game has a very high rating and it shows how good old PC games are. Tekken 5 is a great PC game as compared to all the other Tekken games. Tekken 5 APK Download is the only PC game that includes Tekken 3,

Tekken 4, and some new and exciting characters. Everyone in the game has their own unique skill set/combination of fighting styles/attacks. Please pay attention to the new features included in this game before downloading Tekken 5.

The game first started in a gaming arena and moved to PlayStation 2 in 2005. People have found some vulnerabilities in previous versions of the game (like Tekken 4). These loopholes include slow-motion gameplay, uneven theater terrain, and more.

All of these bugs have been removed in the Tekken 5 game release, with other major improvements including character customization. This is something you haven’t seen in any other game in the series.

Tekken 5 characters can be customized with shop clothing, accessories, and other items using in-game currency.

Not only that, but you can also change the gear of the fighter, change the color of the gear, and change what you want to do with the purchase options.

The graphics and gameplay of Tekken 5 are greatly improved with a smooth combat system, returning characters, and trademark finishes.

The game also has a mini-game option that lets you enter an IronFist power-up called Devil Inside. The in-game mini-games revolve around the characters who are searching for information regarding their missing mother.

Features Of Tekken 5 PC Game

Following are the main features of the Tekken 5 PC Game.

  • Fighting action game.
  • 32 playable characters.
  • 7 new characters.
  • Beautifully designed surroundings.
  • Lots of new moves for every character.
  • Customize your characters by yourself

Features Of Tekken 5 PC Game download free

These are the basic features of Tekken 5 game for pc

  • This game is a fabulous Action game Like GTA 6 Download For Free.
  • If you want to change the characters You can select from 32 characters to play.
  • Tekken 5 Free game has 7 new characters to play with.
  • In this game, there are many playing modes available.
  • The action moves are fun to perform.

System Requirements Of Tekken 5 PC Game (Minimum)

  • OS: Windows XP or Windows Vista (64-bit)
  • Processor: minimum Intel i3 Processor Required.
  • RAM: 1 GB RAM
  • Hard Disk space: 2 GB space Required
  • Graphics Card: 2.0 Shader with 256 MB
  • Sound Card: for more capability required a basic sound card.
  • Mouse and Keyboard
  • OS: Recommended Operating System is Windows 7,8 or better.
  • RAM: We Need Memory space 2 GB.
  • Hard Disk: 2+ GB or more
  • Video  Card: 3.0 Pixel Shader with 512 MB  
  • Sound Card: Windows Direct X 10.0 

How To Tekken 5 Game Download For PC

If you also want to play this game. And if you have come to our website for that, then you are at the right place. You can download Tekken 5 for pc Games on the ocean of games website.

  • First of all, you have to go to the official website of
  • After that, the home will open in front of you.
  • You have to type This tekken 5 game in the search box and click on the enter button.
  • This Game will appear on your screen. I can download it.

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