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We Become What We Behold

Overview: We Become What We Behold

We Become What We Behold are a very simple casual game that will be what we are looking at, and it is an epidemic among many in-house games… In fact, it is so simple that the game maker only takes 5 hours and says it has been developed.

In the game Counter-Strike, And Danganronpa you can fight new enemies by picking up melee weapons. Little Nightmares 2 even features some new, scarier enemies.

Your task is to see what the people walking in the park are doing… Some of them wear hats, and some of them scare the park staff. There are couples who indulge in affection.

If you see someone or something noteworthy, perhaps a cricket, drag the viewfinder on them to capture it so you can see the central TV. You need to make sure that everyone you see does something.


There is nothing more than that. It is one of the simplest games with basic graphics, but for some reason it is a secondary phenomenon that connects viewers and engages thousands of players.

So it’s a great way to waste time and need to watch how it develops. Certainly if so.

What really drives people? Anger and hate? Probably. First, pick up one small misunderstanding between the circle and the square and amplify it in the media for more viewers to see.

This creates tension between the circle and the square, creating a cycle of anger and hatred that rapidly spins toward a violent climax.

In Be What We See, you have to look at the park as passersby are trying to capture the moment when something interesting is happening.

We will be what we want to be. This is a very simple casual game and many inside exercises are the rage. In fact, it is so simple that the author says that it only took 5 hours to develop it.

We will be what we look at. This can be translated into a representation of the style we observe. This is a very simple casual game that is popular among many internet users. So, in fact, it is as simple as its author. It claims to have been developed in just 5 hours.


  • A small game about society and the media
  • Capture moments that affect the population
  • Square and circle people, with various stories
  • Nice artworks and sound effects

Release Date

October 2016 and was updated in October 2018.


Nicky Case developed We Become What We Behold. Support the developer.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)

Download Here:

You Can Free Download We Become What We Behold Latest Version 2022 on our website:rocketpcgames.com


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