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Youda Farmer

Overview: Youda Farmer

Run a farm, grow crops, watch the business grow and experience the real rural life.

Want to experience a country life like never before? Then try AUO Farmer! Manage your farm, grow your crops and supply supplies to all stores. It is up to you to please all the retailers with your beautiful products. Grow wheat, tomatoes, potatoes, vines, take care of cows and fish. You are responsible for choosing the right product, but do not forget to deliver it in time.

Have you ever thought about escaping the city and going to the countryside? Sun, air, water, fresh fruits and vegetables… Farm has everything you need for a healthy lifestyle and a good mood. But first, you have to roll up your sleeves! Delivery of goods in time is your ticket to success. The more you harvest, the more money you can earn. Play Yehuda Farmer Free Time Management Now!

Experience unprecedented rural life at Yoda Farmhouse! While enjoying life in a small town, grow crops, take care of animals and stock them in local stores. You start with a small farm and contract to supply the bakery with the grain needed to make bread.

From there, build a chicken coop and stables to raise pigs and buy additional land to grow tomatoes, grapes and potatoes.

youda form screen shot
youda farm screen shot 1

The more you produce, the higher your sales on delivery to butchers, grocers, and tailors. Soon, you will be able to buy food processors to feed your animals and compost mills to speed up the growth of crops. Sky is the limit when completing missions, completing mini-games, and hosting employee parties. Yoda Farmer is excited to run an odorless farm.

Cool winters, bug-rich springs, and hot summers test your farming skills. Build new farms and shops to process all ready orders and buy tools from pawn shops to improve your workflow.

Build your own hotel and save money to serve the best food to hungry guests. Finally, at the annual Country Fair, we will showcase our farming skills in a variety of challenges.

Free Game Features: – Rebuild cities and farms for the whole family in this time management challenge; – Play over 70 levels in cold winters, bug-infested springs, hot summers and stormy autumns. – Build new farms and shops; – Processing takeaway orders for new restaurants and providing food to citizens; – Play mini games at the carnival and create your own hotel for tourists

Great farming game, pick up your belongings from your farm and bring them to the townspeople.


  • Amazing full-screen country scenery
  • Build and upgrade helpful machines
  • Grow a Huge Variety of Crops
  • Unique gameplay
  • Discover all levels and bonus games

System Requirements

  • File Size:¬†32 Mb
  • Operating System: Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/10

Download here:


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